4 Essentials of Wedding Invitation Card Design and Printing

A great wedding invitation card calls for an outstanding design and high quality printing.

Designing your own wedding invitation card is quite popular these days as it can save quite a lot of money instead of hiring a professional graphic designer. But of course, there is a certain worry that you might not be able to get a result that is good. However, don’t worry. Read more below to find out the steps and necessary things to consider as you design your own wedding invitation card.

1. Wedding theme

Deciding on a wedding theme first thing first is a really good initial step because the wedding theme also affects the wedding invitation card theme since everything needs to complement each other and designed according to one agreed theme. The best advantage if settling on a theme before actually deciding the wedding invitation card is that the designing process will be a lot easier since you already have an idea or image of how the wedding invitation card will be according to the decided theme. By starting with this brainstorming session, the whole process of making a wedding invitation card will be much more convenient and also quicker.

2. Wedding invitation card content

The content of a wedding invitation card is crucial because you have to make sure that you are able to deliver information clearly and effectively so that the guests of your event can come and participate properly.

Aside from having to be able to arrange the words concisely for easy understanding, the choice for wedding invitation card text is also important as it really determines the legibility of the wedding invitation card. To view more samples, you can go https://www.kiasuprint.com/cheap-wedding-invitation-card-printing-in-singapore to see more of it.

Even though caligraphy-like fonts are good for this particular occasion, remember not to overdo it and mostly settle for texts or fonts that are easy to read by anyone so that the information can be delivered right and safely.

3. Shape and size

With the current technology, you can print and craft your wedding invitation card into virtually any shape that you can think of. However, consider the budget as well as the envelope for your wedding invitation card as well.

Making a unique looking wedding invitation card is good, but don’t overdo it. Always consider the convenience of the recipient including mailing if necessary as some shape or size is difficult to get mailed in the normal cost.

4. Envelope

Don’t forget about the envelope. Although it’s not mandatory, sending out your wedding invitation card along with its envelope really creates a difference as an envelope completes the look of a wedding invitation card.

Remember that instead of finding a  suitable envelope after you print your wedding invitation card, it is better to first find the perfect envelope according to the settled theme then design the wedding invitation card according to the envelope dimensions and sizes. However, you can also choose to produce envelopes on your own instead of buying pre-existing ones in stores, although it will definitely take longer and is quite difficult for beginners.

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