5 Strategies for Creating an Impactful Pull-up Banner

Pull-up banners are a common marketing technique for cash register displays, events, and showrooms. 

But how can you develop a pull-up banner design that draws attention to so much information vying for people’s attention? 

Pull-up banners are often printed on polypropylene banners and come with retractable support, making them simple to carry. Their mobility adds to their appeal, making creating a design that sticks out from the crowd even more essential. 

What is your Banner purpose? 

We suggest a cohesive plan for what you want your banner to accomplish before continuing the design process. For instance, the banner is for: 

  • Develop awareness of a brand 
  • Conduct traffic to a site 
  • Generate planning or 
  • Promoting an offer or an offer. 

Keeping this objective in mind will help you design a banner to help you achieve your marketing objectives. 

Consider To The Uniqueness Or Shape 

Most individuals prefer to conventional pull-up banner form and size as vertical and around 850mm wide by 2000mm. However, a non-standard shape and size may distinguish your banner. 

However, you may have various forms and sizes that are more appropriate for your business or purpose. There may be an unusually broad banner in a store window or as part of a show presentation. Bear in mind that bigger sizes are likely to be heavier to transport. 

Some of unique pull up banner sizes include: 

  • 1000 x 2200mm 600 x 1600mm 
  • 1200 x 2200 mm 1500 x 2200 mm 
  • 2000 x 2400mm 3000 x 2400mm  

Be A Mini-Minimalistic! 

Simple stuff enables your brand or message to stand out truly. Here are some suggestions to make your banner design simple: 

  • Red, white, and blue or white with two complementary hues, for example, black and white, plus a single color. 
  • Keep the text as low as possible and use a bold savings font. 
  • Use big color blocks. 
  • Use audacious graphic items. 

Use Double-Sided One (if necessary) 

Two-sided pull-up banners provide the same area for double exposure. They are perfect for big areas or circumstances when your banner is in the center of a room or shop. 

Duplicate the design on both sides or keep your statement on the other side. If you use various designs, be sure that the style is continuous. This may be done with a constant footer or a comparable look and feel with somewhat news messages. 

Important Place For Information  

People and other signs or displays may hide the content underneath pull-up banners. 

If you use your Banner for occasions where people are sitting (particularly if no stage exists), critical information must be placed in the upper half. 

Visual Journey 

A very efficient method of using pull-up banners is to transmit your messages across many banners. For instance, a banner suite with a primary banner of the business and other banners for each of your goods or range. 

Another way to do this is via a constant graphical element that forms a visual journey. Your pull-up banners then create a narrative, as if they are one big banner or exhibit, one building on the next. 

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