Choosing Wax Type and Equipment for Wax Sealing

Wax sealing was absolutely important long ago, because it was the only way people can assure that their letters will remain secure until they get in the hands of the recipient. Wax sealing was very popular because of this, before adhesive was discovered many years later. Even after adhesive was found and technology advanced a lot more over the years, wax sealing is still used. Even though physical correspondence is not as popular anymore, some people still send it out and use wax sealing as an extra touch for it to give off a unique look. If not that, wax sealing is used for other decorations, such as for product packaging, wedding invitations, certificates, and so on. If you are interested in wax sealing, here are several things that you have to know.

1. Wax Type

You might be wondering if there are more than just one type of wax out there for wax sealing. The answer is yes, there are at least two types of waxes in general. Even more, waxes vary in colors as well as textures as well when they are hardened.

First, the traditional wax. This type of wax is the one that has been used for many years. The traditional formula for wax is quite rigid, making it a wax that is really hard when it is solidifies. This type of wax easily breaks. For some people who like this effect, it is an advantage. But for people who don’t, this is certainly a downside of it. Meanwhile, the other type of wax is the flexible wax which can be found on Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker. This type of wax is more flexible and is more suitable for a larger variety of surfaces, even for surfaces that are curved or uneven.

Either the traditional wax or the flexible wax might come with or without wick. Often, wicked wax is more convenient than non wick wax because it is easier to melt wax with wick, even though it takes a little while longer. However, you are free to choose whichever you like better.

2. Wax Sealing Equipment

Other than the wax itself, of course you will need some other helpful tool and equipment for wax sealing. One of the greatest essentials of wax sealing other than the wax is of course wax sealing stamp. These days, you can easily find pre made stamp in craft stores. But if you want to have a mark that is uniquely yours, then you have to definitely make it on your own and manufacture it specifically for you instead of buying pre made stamp.

Other tools that are no less important are the spoon for wax or a glue gun, then a heat source. If you choose to use a glue gun, most likely you won’t need a heat source. But if you choose to use a wax spoon, then you have to melt the wax with a heat source like fire from a candle and such before the melted wax gets poured onto the surface of the paper or other material of your choice.

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