What Are Kiss Cut Stickers

Generally, stickers may either be a kiss cut design or a die-cut design. Although, there is no much difference between the two. Knowing the one to go for requires a bit of expertise and personal choice at times. We shall discuss kiss-cut stickers in this piece and provide you with information when you need to go for it.

What Are Kiss-cut Stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are sticker designs with a square backing on which the actual sticker is placed. You can detach the sticker from the square support at the point of use while glued to any surface. It always contains a small frame of background, usually square or rectangular.

Kiss cut stickers are used to create easy-peel stickers. It is called easy-peel stickers because you can remove the sticker design easily without any entanglement with the back material. It can be interchangeably called kiss-cut stickers because it means the same thing if you take out time to study why it is called easy-peel stickers.

You probably have seen or used these stickers having white backing while the sticker design is softly glued to the white surface. The glue is soft on the white back cover, but once it is detached and placed on the intended surface, the bond becomes tightly attached to the surface. If you have used this before, this will sound familiar.

When To Choose Kiss-cut Stickers

Knowing when to choose the type of sticker design is crucial, and it expresses professionalism. First, you select the option if your client requests it. After all, customers are always right. Technically, kiss sticker design is the option to go for when working on delicate designs to avoid errors and ease of transferring the design from the design template to the intended surface.

So, if your designs are a bit delicate and it is possible to lose out parts of the methods quickly, then go for kiss cut stickers. It will enhance your professionalism when handling such a delicate sticker design type. You may work with easy peel-off backing to detach the sticker design while still having the sticker design intact.

And since the kiss cut sticker designs have a backing on which it can be detached, it offers the opportunity to print on the backing material. At least to make the brand clear. For instance, you can publish the name or other branding identification details that are not in the design on the back material. So, that when you give out the sticker, it can help reiterate the brand.

Please note that whether you are working with a die-cut sticker or kiss cut sticker, it doesn’t affect or determine the material used or on which the sticker design is printed. It only refers to how the sticker design is cut. So, you can use any material that suits your purpose and design. You only need to pick either die cut sticker or a kiss-cut sticker.

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