What Is the Role Of Secretary Services For Business

The critical role of the Secretarial service is to offer a new perspective on the modern corporate world. Secretarial service also doesn’t compromise on corresponding and filling but have the resources to work with all legal issues as well as compliance in statutory. With the use of these Secretarial aspects, it is quite an efficient option for forming an excellent foundation for the Company. It is a much more practical option for bridging the gap between the business and its administration to create the business efficiently. Typically, every Country or State has its plethora of rules and regulations so that everyone needs to abide by each one of them in a much more significant way. Every business requires to follow the legalized aspects of the Company in the right standard procedure.

  • Maintaining Company Registers
  • Maintaining Meeting and Minute Books in Company
  • Preparation for Annual General Meeting
  • Filing Annual Returns of Company and ACRA
  • Acts as the Corporate Secretarial Compliance Advisory
  • Presenting the accurate Due Dates Reminder

Usually, company secretary agency such as A1 Corp enable the supporting structure for compliance based on the nature of the Company, and the Secretary of the Company has the resources and technique for handling all kinds.

Choosing Registered Filing Agents:

For establishing a company -a start-up in Singapore, it is important to follow the complete rules and regulation. With the help of the professional Secretary, it is suitable for getting good guidelines in much more easier manner. Registered filing agent has extensive knowledge in the Accounting as well as Corporate Regulatory. Of course, you could instantly get the complete integrated business solutions within a short time limit. Extensive services include

  • Corporate Secretary Services
  • Corporate Accounting Services
  • Corporate Tax Services
  • Company Payroll Services
  • Company Incorporation Services
  • Grant Consultancy Services

Roles of the company secretary:

Office Setup of even the Office Relocation requires to be legalized based on the rules and regulation that has been given by the Government. Responsibilities of the company secretary are


Ownership document is most famous for every Company as it has the details about who owns the business. Ownership is the register of members so that it is not the share certificate or records or contracts.

Company Law:

Company Law is the most important that everyone needs to follow, these set of regulation included with all the requirements which are suitable to declare the dividend, taking different decisions and even issuing the new shares. With the advice of the company secretary services which you can go to here https://www.a1corp.com.sg/company-secretarial-services-singapore, it is much easier to set these regulations.

Corporate Governance:

Professional corporate secretarial service mainly ensures to offer the better decision for the director and also well versed in the engagement of the shareholders to run legally with best practice

Maintaining Company Records:

Professional corporate secretarial service has the appropriate resources and talents to manage the complete company records more extensively easily. Mainly, the Company depends on 3 or 4 individuals having well-maintained records. With choosing the experts team of secretarial services, it is prominent to get the complete option for maintaining all records.

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